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Hello world! Stephen Sammon

Illustrator – Designer – Art Director

A creative, motivated Illustrator Technical and Interpretive, Graphic Designer and Art Director with solid academic credentials, extensive private and public industry experience, strong interpersonal skills, vast conceptual capacity, capable of combining traditional art and technical illustration with current technologies, Strong team player and management skills, positive professional work ethic to get the job done with a smile.

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  1. I am applying for the position of Arts Communication and Graphics Assistant

    As a long time resident of Ottawa I have an endearing passion to be a part of this community and it’s future. I believe that the position of Arts Communication and Graphics Assistant would enable this desire to communicate to residents of Ottawa and tourists the fantastic opportunities and special events that will be hosted by the City of Ottawa.

    As you will see in the attached resume, I am a dedicated artist with over 25 years’ experience in multitude of disciplines in the visual arts field. I believe that my overall blend of Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, Art Instructor and Muralist with small and large business experience, combined with a passion for the creative process and the drive to share this knowledge with others makes me a strong candidate for employment opportunity with City of Ottawa.

    I believe my love of this great city and strong skill set will compel me to quickly become a key component and team player within the Communication Arts department. My enthusiasm to continue learning will keep me abreast of current and up and coming trends and technologies will ensure that I continue to be an enjoyable and reliable asset to the future of this fine city.

    Your consideration for this fantastic opportunity is greatly appreciated.

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